Khandro Dorje Phagmo Rinpoche

The current incarnation of Dorje Phagmo was born Farchen Zangmo in Kabesa in Punakha District, Bhutan on the full moon of the second month of the Iron Monkey year (1980). Her biological parents were Tandin Gyeltshen and Lhachoe Droelma. Her birth was preceded by many auspicious signs. Among them, her mother saw a ray of light hitting the womb in her dream. The light emanated from a golden statue of Dorje Phagmo, bestowed by a monk. The monk is believed to be Guru Padmasambhava.


Ngajur Pema Chopheling Monastery

In Jang Aring, the descendants of Jang Ponpo offered the old ancestral manor and temple to Dorje Phagmo. The temple, known as Mebar Tokchoed Lhakhang was built at the same time as the famous Samye Monastery in Tibet in the Eighth Century. Legend has it that when the Tibetan King Trisong Detsen was building Samye in Lhasa, he was unable to make much progress because of malevolent forces that kept destroying it.