Ngajur Pema Chopheling Monastery

In 2003, following the prophecy of Khandro Mebar Tashi Kheudren, Dorje Phagmo Rinpoche visited Jang Aring in Kikhar in Zhemgang District. Mebar Tashi Kheudren was the daughter of King Sindhu Raja, who invited Guru Padmasambhava to Bumthang in the eighth century.

In Jang Aring, the descendants of Jang Ponpo offered the old ancestral manor and temple to Dorje Phagmo. The temple, known as Mebar Tokchoed Lhakhang was built at the same time as the famous Samye Monastery in Tibet in the Eighth Century. Legend has it that when the Tibetan King Trisong Detsen was building Samye in Lhasa, he was unable to make much progress because of malevolent forces that kept destroying it. A temple in Monyul Kikhar was suggested as one of the dokthab (antidotes) to clear the obstacles in Tibet. According to the locals, this is the origin of the establishment of Mebar Tokchoed Lhakhang.

The temple was one of the main seats of Khandro Mebar Trashi Kheudren and hence named as Mebar Tokchoed Lhakhang (Tokchoed literally means “highest realization in spiritualism”).

Mebar Tashi Kheudren foretold that the temple would be destroyed by fire after she was gone and that no one would be able to renovate it. However, she also went on to say that an “accomplished woman” from western Bhutan, who has attained the realization, will be able to return the temple to its former glory. The prophecy also mentions that a monastic school would eventually be established.

Ngajur Pema Chopheling Monastery
Ngajur Pema Chopheling Monastery

Dorje Phagmo accepted the temple and the old manor and immediately began developing the place, building a new temple between 2004 and 2005. The people of Kikhar pointed out that several attempts were made before to maintain the temple and the manor. However, numerous misfortunes befell them and the Lhakhang would fall into decay and destruction. The locals believed that it was waiting for the right time and the right person in Dorje Phagmo Rinpoche to do carry out the renovations.

Alongside the renovation work, Dorje Phagmo has also initiated a monastic institute as per the prophecy. This school has been named Ngajur Pema Chopheling Dratshang and today, there are about 39 nuns and monks under Dorje Phagmo’s care.

Besides the young nuns and monks, the monastery is also home to many elderly, physically disabled, terminally ill, abandoned, and orphaned people. Dorje Phagmo often jokes that her monastery is a ‘recycling bin’ gathering such people from all over. No one has been turned away and anyone seeking the Dharma or simply a shelter to live the rest of their lives in prayers has been welcomed. As for ongoing projects at the Monastery, besides personally taking care as both supervisor and labor, Dorje Phagmo personally engages herself in doing all kinds of household works such as washing, cooking, and serving her disciples, workers, and volunteers.

The Stupa project

Dorje Phagmo also has initiated the construction of an auspicious Yundum Chorten (Stupa of Reunion/Reconciliation) inside the complex in Jang Aring.

Besides her own vision and the prophecy of Drubthob Thangtong Gyalpo, she was also advised by His Holiness Dodrupchen Rimpoche and His Holiness the Late Chatrel Rinpoche to construct the Yundum Chorten.

Stupa under construction

It took several years to find reliable donors to support the project before construction works could begin in 2019. The 12-meter stupa will be the first of its kind in the entire Kheng region (Kheng-rig-nam-sum). And because it has been built as per an ancient prophecy, and thanks to the very sacred relics received and collected as nang zung, the chorten will be one of the most important religious monuments and sacred sites in the region. Already many people from far and wide have begun visiting the site to contribute their time, materials, and some small amounts of money while also making their wishes. read more…